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What is the Website Development Process?

Posted January 18, 2018
When it comes to creating a website, there are several steps that some may not realize are a poart of the process. For a streamlined website development process, here are the actions that JET takes to bring you the best website for your business.1. Identify Company NeedsDepending on your company’s needs and budget, we consult with you to identify the goals and outcomes of your website development. 2. DesignOnce understanding the needs, JET creates a design …
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Achieve Your New Years' Resolutions with JET

Posted January 2, 2018
If developing an effective marketing plan for your business is on your New Years’ Resolution list this year, JET can help! We have a variety of advertising strategies that have proven results and we can create a plan tailored to your company’s needs. Here are a few marketing methods that we have found the most success and you can use to improve your advertising efforts in 2018.Website ServicesWhether your New Years’ goal is to update …
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Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Posted December 18, 2017
Keeping up with the ongoing advancements in technology and digital marketing is not an easy task. However, in order for companies to continue to succeed they must learn to adapt and embrace these changes. Here are 3 of the marketing trends companies need to be aware of for this upcoming year.Integrating Video AdvertisingRemember when your newsfeed on social media platforms was only pictures and text? Well, those days are long gone. Videos have recently been …
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Is Your 2018 Holiday Strategy in Place?

Posted December 1, 2017
Was this holiday season another reminder of how your team scrambles every year? Are you already dreading next year’s holiday promotions? For many, the holidays are always felt to creep up too fast, leaving their company feeling unprepared and stressed! Well stop dreading 2018 and starting planning your marketing calendar… now!1 Year AwayPlanning for the upcoming holidays begin right after the current holiday season ends. With the information top of mind, it’s the perfect time …
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Show Up in Local Searches

Posted November 13, 2017
A business listing is an online profile for your company that contains important information about your business. This could be general information such as your company website, address, phone number, and hours. It could also contain more detailed information such as photos, virtual tours, service hours, or even reviews. There are hundreds of different directories that can contain a business listing such as Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, or Foursquare. Prospective clients use these directories to …
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Importance of an Online Shopping Cart for Business

Posted November 3, 2017
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. Is your business ready to accommodate online customers this holiday shopping season? For companies that sell a wide variety of products, an online shopping cart attached to the company’s website is an essential way to boost business during these popular buying days.Ease of Access for CustomersIf there is no other reason to have an online shopping cart as part of your website, solely do it for your …
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Marketing to Millenial Parents

Posted October 18, 2017
Believe it or not, roughly 80% of kids born this year will have a parent that’s a millennial. With this number on the rise, it’s important that companies take this into consideration when targeting new families, especially new mothers who often do the majority of the shopping. Mothers are becoming more challenging to target and additionally expect more honesty from their brands they buy. This means branding and advertising is more important than ever before. …
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Importance of Website Speed for Business

Posted October 2, 2017
A company’s website is often times the first impression a customer has of your business, making it crucial that it performs well. A key component of any website is how fast the page loads. A fast website loading speed can enhance your company’s image, as well as help the company perform well. Website speed can effect a variety of different aspects of your company, including: search rankings, social, user experience and conversion rates. Below is …
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Facebook is Changing...Again!

Posted July 19, 2017
If there is one thing consistent about Facebook it is that it’s constantly changing and evolving. Our job in the digital marketing department at JET Advertising is to stay current with changes and work together with these platforms to utilize them in the best way for our clients. Although sometimes these changes happen and we have to catch up, Facebook sometimes releases information ahead of time. In the last few weeks, Facebook Developers have released …
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I Can't Access My Google Analytics Account

Posted July 19, 2017
Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for businesses to utilize within their online marketing efforts. Google Analytics gives businesses free access to monitor, track, and analyze how their website is performing. However, one of the biggest problems that many businesses face when it comes to using Google Analytics is that they lose access to their account. This can happen for a variety of reasons including forgotten username and password, the person or …
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